Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Garlock High Performance Pipe & Flange Gaskets

Garlock® has long been producing high performance sealing solutions and its pipe & flange gaskets are certainly not of lesser quality. Gaskets have to be designed to withstand potentially damaging forces while preventing fluids and gases from leaking. Made with non-asbestos materials, Garlock’s high quality gaskets come in various types that fit different jobs. Here are just a few of the many types of Garlock® gaskets you will find at the

Garlock® BLUE-GARD® compressed, non-asbestos (CNA) gaskets Garlock GYLON® PTFE gaskets Garlock® high-temperature gaskets

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

America’s Industrial Gasket Superstore Engages WSI for SEO Project

The Gasket Superstore is the brain child of Atlas Hose and Gasket Company’s Baton Rouge office. They are building on a long history of providing industry with high quality industrial pipe flange gaskets fabricated to exact specification. Being a distributor for major gasket manufacturers and recognizing the market opportunity the Gasket Superstore began offering online pipe flange gaskets nationally, in 2007.  We strongly emphasizes SUPERIOR SERVICE and QUALITY IN WORKMANSHIP in order to fulfill our customer's needs and requirements.

In terms of digital marketing Gasket Superstore has partnered with WSI to achieve leadership position in the search results.  The first phase of this project involved upgrading the existing website to take full advantage of the latest internet technology. Such as making the website mobile friendly through responsive design and change the website architecture for search engine optimization. A national SEO strategy has been implemented to build the content of the company’s web site necessary to rank for terms such as:

The company is looking to significantly grow market share through the SEO implementation. And the early signs and results show we are moving in the right direction. The first phase of the project will last about 6 months before we begin to look at phase II. 

This effort will focus on the creation and syndication of various types of on page content.  This will include blogs, directory listings, and social media posts all designed to build links and social signals around the above keywords.  The blogs will be syndicated to Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger and Google+.  As this effort unfolds, Gasket Superstore expects to see their brand at the top of the results for many gasket related keywords.